Posted in February 2013

Block 3: February 20, 2013

Number Three! It’s still taking me about an hour to put one of these together, although I am cutting the pieces out faster (and eye-balling the seam allowance at this point, which is still a generous half an inch). I keep getting stuck on a few of the triangles that have similar side lengths; most … Continue reading

Block 2: February 19, 2013

And the second block was finished this morning! And progress was made: I finished it much faster than yesterday, I feel as if- besides one *small* 1/8th of an inch irregularity on an angle- the stitching was much more exact, and I was even so bold as to trim away a lot of the healthy … Continue reading

Block 1: February 18, 2013

I finished the first block this afternoon! First time cutting out the pieces, so I left a *healthy* half-inch seam allowance. Gave myself as much time as needed, to figure out how crazy this block is going to be. It only took me about an hour to cut, pin, sew, press, and trim the block. … Continue reading

An introduction!

First of, I quilt. Or I did. For a while. When I graduated from college years ago, I was hired to work at a regional theater’s costume shop as their resident assistant. Many of the women who worked there quilted; it was only a matter of time before I joined in and got their advice … Continue reading