I’m not the only one?

I’m not really advertising this project much (if you can downplay this blog that I’m writing to document this process). But, I have posted a few pictures of these Crane-blocks on Facebook in the past few days.

The response from friends has been nicely positive and supportive. So far, I haven’t described much of what I’m actually doing (I gather they think I’ve been commissioned to make a new bed-quilt like I am sometimes), other than admitting to twisting the Japanese Origami Crane legend a bit and attempting to do it with fabric and quilting, rather than origami paper.

I expect, as I’ve completed more of these and really established the daily routine of sewing and documenting a Crane-block, I will let my friends (in real life, on Facebook, from Twitter, etc.) know about this blog and the scope and meaning of the project.

But, a friend beat me to the punch; she messaged me, saying she recently attempted to fold 1000 origami cranes. She admitted she didn’t finish. After finishing only a few hundred, she got distracted by some theater-work and life. She didn’t mention the “why” behind undertaking her project, and I couldn’t bring myself to ask for more specifics as we aren’t close friends anymore. But she did say they were specifically for someone.

Hope her wish comes true. I really do. I’ve only allowed myself to do 9 of these blocks, and I’m starting to understand what a real labor of love this project will be.

Have a good night.

8 thoughts on “I’m not the only one?

    • Yes, I do know that quilt! This project is based on Margaret’s work; I’ve altered her original pattern a bit, because I wanted my Cranes to be slightly more asymmetrical and tall, rather than squarish. I’ve spoken to her about what I intended to do with the pattern and the entire project. She wished me luck!

  1. What an amazing feat you have taken on – I just finished my first quilt top that I hand sewed, 750 buttons and about 200 sequins so I can kind of understand the labor…..it is so satisfying though when its all done.

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