Block 9: February 26, 2013


Hey, hey: Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today, I decided that on all the outside edges of my pieces, I would leave an inch seam allowance. I’m learning that even with a half an inch and really careful pinning, the process of sewing and pressing a bunch of pieces that are all cut on varying degress of bias strangely leave the edges of my Crane block a little off. I’m reclaiming my askew edges by leaving a bit more room, and really trimming the block afterwards.

Not every block is gonna be perfect. Not every block, despite the same pattern pieces, will be the same as the one preceding it. I know I’m getting nit-picky over *tiny* details on these blocks, but I find a little poetic comfort in knowing these blocks will have individual differences amongst them.

As I start choosing fabrics and cutting pieces for the day’s Crane, I thought that I should have planned more carefully; if each block will be dedicated to a specific person, shouldn’t the colors or patterns be evocative of that person? Ideally, yes. It would have taken a bit more planning upfront, and specific purchasing at City Quilters and B&J, for sure. It also would have required me to plan out a list of who the Cranes are from the get-go.
For the record, I sew a block and then choose who it’ll be dedicated to. It’s an easy process presently, as I’m working through family members; I imagine it’ll get more thought-intensive as I get into the higher digits and will then require me to explain my choices.

This project will be a process, of course.

Date: Feb. 26, 2013

Location: Apartment, Washington Heights, NYC

Person I would have sent it to: Sister-in-law, Jenn, married to my brother Mark.

Music I listened to while sewing: Again no, music. Turned on Netflix and listened/watched more of My So-Called Life. This habit will have to stop soon; instead of getting my time down to under an hour, it took me almost an hour and half to do today’s block. Not effective! I kept getting distracted and needing to watch…

Thoughts/Feelings behind the block: Have you ever heard of the HALT slogan? An actor I worked with in 2007 told me about it after she had a series of bad days. She told me that whenever she gets in one of “those” moods, she goes through the HALT checklist. Is she Hungry? Is she Anxious? Is she Lonely? Is she Tired?

I was reminded of that today, after I found my attitude spiraling down ward into downright sourness and realizing that I’ve been feeling this way for a while. I stood on the corner of 41st and 8th, opposite Port Authority, and realized I am keeping myself hungry (why am I on this diet again?), I am anxious (this Jacobean dress is tormenting me for a variety of reasons as is my desire for better work), I am lonely (I haven’t seen any friends in so long!), and I am really tired (I generally don’t sleep more than 3 hours at a time without waking up from dreams these days.

Time to remedy this. All of this. I don’t like feeling helpless and lost and down. Time to let go of this idea that I need to diet (I really don’t). I can’t let myself get down because I’m not working on the projects that I want or that my career isn’t more exciting or that my bank account is depressingly slim. I can’t think that I have no friends; that isn’t true AT ALL. And I just need to make more of an effort to get to sleep.

To remedy this: I ordered take out and I will eat it when it arrives. I will not do any more work tonight (sorry, Jacobean dress!). I will try to set up some social times with friends (via Facebook, texting, calling, emailing- whatever it takes). And I will get to bed before midnight.

One day at a time, friends!

Thanks again for following along.

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